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Digital Marketing

Ready to get started in China?

Asia is online and leading the world with more than half the world’s internet users. China has the biggest fibre network and over 1 billion internet users. With increasing digitalisation among consumers and between industries, the potential for companies to grow in Asia’s Goliath is huge!

We also realise the Chinese market is heterogeneous and that every region has its own preferences and habits. Brands looking to make it in the Chinese market have to learn a whole new set of marketing, engagement, and online platforms, since Google, Facebook, and even Twitter aren’t available.

In China, anything is possible, but it is not easy. Good news is that the country recently unveiled its digital economy growth plan earlier this year, making entry into the market easier.

China released its 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) that proposes to transform industries and upgrade infrastructure to strengthen its digital economy. Additionally, it aims to open up the country to more foreign investment and drive economic growth.

Are you excited yet? With the Chinese market growing steadily and with better policies supporting digital businesses, we’re excited about what the Chinese market can do.

What are you looking to achieve in China?

We design everything around your business objectives. We create digital marketing solutions that fit your needs. We work with local Chinese partners to customise digital strategies, like leveraging key opinion leaders (KOLs) influence, that are tailored to specific Chinese markets.

Whether it’s live streaming on WeChat or content marketing on Baidu Baike, we have worked with many foreign businesses to enter the Chinese market. Our on-the-ground, native Chinese speaking digital experts will work with you to help you reach your Chinese audiences and grow your business!

Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you start in China.


If you want your brand to be found online in China, Baidu SEO and PPC are a must. China's Baidu is the largest and longest running search engine in the country, accounting for about 74% of the market. Besides paid search advertising, Baidu offers in-feed ads and brand zones, which give advertisers a wider range of ways to reach their target audience. However, setting up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign account on Baidu can be incredibly complex, as the process is constantly changing.

We can help you set up and unlock massive amounts of traffic through successful SEO or PPC campaigns on Baidu.


Baidu Baike is the equivalent of Wikipedia in China. It is a collaborative, web-based encyclopaedia owned and produced by Baidu, the Chinese search engine. If your business has yet to achieve strong organic search rankings, you should consider creating a Baidu Baike page to strengthen your brand position in China.

It’s a relatively cost-effective platform for brand building purposes in China, especially for B2B businesses.


WeChat is one of the world’s largest social networking platforms, similar to WhatsApp. If you’ve used WeChat, you know the app is so much more than a messaging app; it is a one-stop shop, super app that not only lets you send videos, voice messages, and text messages but also pay for purchases or bills, order food, or groceries, access banking services, and so much more.

Over 90% of China's population uses WeChat! It is one of the most effective ways for businesses to build customer databases. It is also gaining popularity outside China with an estimated 100-200 million foreign users.

It would be prudent for you to get your business on WeChat if you want to enter the Chinese market!


Weibo is a Chinese microblogging platform that is popular in Hong Kong and China. It is the world’s largest e-Commerce market with over 500 million monthly users. If you want to gain visibility and establish a prominent presence in China, then marketing on Weibo is considered an extremely essential tool.

Weibo offers many impressive features and tools, including Weibo advertising, Weibo influencer marketing, and even a Weibo lottery to help brands like yours sell more products.

YOUKU Video Marketing

Video content marketing is becoming a must-have for most businesses thanks to the popularity of video streaming platforms such as Youtube and Tik Tok. Often referred to as the Youtube of China, Youku is one of China’s top video streaming and sharing service platforms. It garners over 800 million views per day and is known for its diverse mix of original TV shows and long-form user-generated video content and.

It is an exceptional content marketing platform that reaches out to the local Chinese audiences across different demographics through video advertising and marketing.

KOL Engagement & Marketing

In China, KOLs are extremely effective for brands to get their products and services noticed. Chinese consumers are heavily influenced by word-of-mouth and recommendations when making purchases. KOLs are like brand ambassadors, or thought leaders who build relationships with their audiences by being relatable. Since they connect with and target specific segments of audiences based on their demographics and lifestyle preferences, they're a great marketing tool which can influence buying decisions.

There are 3 content formats for KOL marketing - blogging (usually on WeChat or Weibo), short videos on Tik Tok 15 secs and live streaming. Having the right KOL and platform will help you build brand visibility, drive engagement, and ultimately drive sales.