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Digital Marketing Trends in Korea

Digital Marketing Trends in Korea

Looking ahead to the year 2023, there are some digital marketing trends that are expected to gain traction in Korea. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends to watch out for.

For several years, influencer marketing has been a widely used strategy in Korea, and it is expected to remain a major trend in 2023. Brands will continue to partner with popular social media influencers to endorse their products or services and to increase their reach to a broader audience.

  • Live Streaming
    As a marketing tool in Korea, live streaming is anticipated to increase in popularity. Brands will utilize live streaming to interact with their audience in real-time, display products, provide exclusive promotions, and generate sales.


  • Personalization and Hyper-targeting
    Korean marketers are expected to concentrate more on personalized marketing strategies. They will make use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to customize their content and advertisements to target specific customer segments. This approach is known as personalising and hyper-targeting .


  • Video Marketing
    Video marketing is gaining momentum worldwide, and Korea is no exception. Short-form videos, such as those found on TikTok and Instagram Reels, are expected to become increasingly popular.


  • Social Commerce
    In Korea, social commerce will witness a surge in popularity. Social commerce refers to the convergence of e-commerce and social media. Platforms like KakaoTalk, Instagram, and Naver Shopping will improve their shopping features, enabling users to explore, analyse, and buy products directly within the social media platform itself.


  • Voice Search Optimization
    As the use of voice assistants like Naver Clova and Kakao Mini continues to grow, optimising content for voice search will become essential. This approach is called voice search optimization.


  • Sustainability and Purpose-Driven Marketing
    Sustainability and purpose-driven marketing are becoming increasingly important to Korean consumers. Brands that align themselves with social causes and demonstrate sustainable practices are more likely to resonate with Korean consumers.


The above trends demonstrate the changing digital landscape in Korea and present opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience through innovative and effective means. It is crucial for marketers to keep themselves abreast of these trends and adjust their strategies accordingly to leverage them.

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