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The food and beverage industry is the manufacturing sector most susceptible to changes, in direct correlation with the patterns of household consumption. Although overall demand fluctuates very little, consumer preferences alter considerably over time – requiring manufacturers to respond and adapt to changing needs. The digitalization of R&D and production allows companies to use analytics to use knowledge as a competitive advantage. Similarly, with digital marketing, you can measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

One key step in B2B marketing is to identify the stakeholders who make buying decisions. You can leverage on professional social networks such as LinkedIn. More than 90% of professionals use some form of social media. LinkedIn has 562 million users in more than 200 countries currently and is likely to grow its reach industry-wide.

With the popularity of social media channels, content marketing plays an imperative role. Food safety, transparency and consumer trust is at the heart of F&B industry players and this should be conveyed effectively across all channels. To discern if your content is meeting your marketing strategy mark, these are the metrics you can measure by:

  • Brand Awareness and Visibility
    Businesses focused on expanding their reach can measure the efficacy of digital campaigns by evaluating the number of visitors to a page, time spent by users on the page, clickthrough pages or photos and the number of emails collected, amongst others.
  • Brand Health Metrics
    Brand health measures the impact that your messages have on consumers and the positive, negative and neutral feedbacks received. Share of Voice (SOV) is the number of times a brand has been talked about and Brand Influence refers to the number of times a post, comment or tweet is shared on different platforms.

When you get into the habit of evaluating your marketing content efforts, you can gather more insights to benefit your upcoming campaigns. Need help in scaling your digital marketing initiatives? Contact Us for a non-obligatory consultation.


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