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Market Entry Into One of The World’s Largest Economy


The old adage ‘Everything is possible in China, but nothing is easy’ rings true. The good news is that the level of difficulty for market entrants is on the decline, as China’s legislation eases up on foreign investments, with each passing year. Factors such as tax, employment local billings, foreign exchange control and other legal requirements have hindered market penetration for non-local companies.

There is no single market in China, it is economically very diverse. Each region is at a different developmental stage, with varying consumer needs. China’s focus on urbanization, boosting domestic consumption and expanding its digital economy have paved way for a multitude of opportunities – especially in second and third tier cities.

To enable market entry into Asia’s Goliath, we develop an adaptive strategy with local partners that concentrate on allocating resources effectively. We craft integrated solutions specific to your target audience needs. To optimize on your brand’s online presence, we conceptualize initiatives on popular local platforms and leverage on KOL engagements in socials such as WeChat and Weibo, amongst others.

Digital Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Baidu Ads

In Baidu PPC, brands have a broader range of advertising products, which includes display ads, text search ads, information feed ads, as well as unique products offerings, like Brand Zone, and Baidu Knowledge.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat enables brands to create Official accounts to promote their brand message. Users can follow them to receive push notifications from brands. Howeverm followers acquisition and engagement is not an easy feat.

Youku Video

It is often call the Youtube of China, is one of the most important online video and streaming service platform.  Youku offers a lot of services and it’s a tool for companies to promote your brand and advertise.

Baidu Baike

It is a Chinese-language, collaborative, web-based encyclopedia owned and produced by the Chinese search engine Baidu.  Baidu Baike serves as an online encyclopedia as well as information storage space for netizens and connects with search engines technically in order to fulfil the needs of the users for information of different levels.

Weibo Marketing

To reach out to China consumers, establishing a prominent presence on Weibo is a must. In terms of marketing and advertising, Weibo is good for companies to increase brand awareness, grow popularity and gain followers in the initial stages.

KOL Engagement

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are extremely powerful, and are instrumental in most China marketing campaigns. Even if the KOL is not directly selling the product, they are heavily influencing purchasing decisions.

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