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Leveraging on Mobile Penetration in Japan


Japan has one of the most matured and sophisticated mobile market with a penetration rate of 94% among its population. Internet users in Japan have migrated a variety of online activities to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Interestingly, Japan has not jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon with the same rigor as its neighbouring counterparts. Japan’s business landscape still adheres to traditional marketing methodology which is more relationship-focused, whereas digital marketing is predominantly data-driven. The workforce hierarchical structure is rigid and seniority reigns supreme.

All is not lost – we view this as an opportunity area as brands are still not investing enough digital in Japan. Companies can leverage on inbound marketing as a start. With less competition in that space, there is a low barrier to entry and serve as a great platform to engage with consumers. Social media advertising and video advertising account for 42.3% and 19.9% of the total ad spend in 2018, respectively.

LINE is an instant messaging app that allows users to communicate through texts, images, and videos. It has a range of entertainment features, such as the ability to send emojis and play online games.  As compare with its competitors, LINE has more integrated features, including news, timeline (newsfeed), manga (comics), and wallet (online banking), making it the reason behind LINE’s dominance in Japan.

With 17.1 million users in Japan, Instagram’s popularity is growing on an upward trend. Japan’s embrace towards influencer marketing holds massive potential for brands. YouTube is undoubtedly the most used platform especially among its youth. With increased smartphone ownership, it is no wonder that video advertising is gaining an epic traction.

We leverage on various digital marketing channels to connect your brand to thousands of people in Japan. By understanding consumer drives and influences, we are able to formulate engaging social media content to rouse conversations with your target audience for leads generation.

Digital Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Line Marketing

Targeting the right demographic to match your brand is a key component on LINE. Testing your campaigns and ad groups will help you better understand user behavior and develop cost-effective strategies.

Yahoo Japan Ads

 Yahoo! Japan comes in a strong second, delivering various advertising solutions to build your brand presence and provide the reach you want.  Depending on your goals and budgets, we aim to produce the best performance and maximise your search investment according to KPI performance. 

Google Ads

The leading search engine in Japan in terms of overall market share is Google. Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is the best way to reach your prospects who are looking for your products or services right now. It’s highly targeted with measurable results.

Content Marketing

Story-telling is an important way to communicate. In order to be at par with their local competitors, foreign companies need to use content marketing to increase brand awareness, with focusing on details, shows your audience that your product is a high quality one.


Chiebukuro is Yahoo! Japan Answers; a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) website or a knowledge market from Yahoo!, that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.

Press Release Distribution

Distribution to local press organizations in Japan, that want to distribute information targeting a specific demographics or industry. This service can also be used to announce news presentations and press conferences or other events in Japan. 

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