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How to capture the interest of your target audience in Korea?


Korea remains one of the most elusive economies to foreign companies. The challenges faced include its unique industry standards, resistance to foreign business models, as well as the cultural and language barriers to market entry. The key to penetrating South Korea’s market lies in cultivating relationships with local contacts to better understand their culture. Immerse in their cultural digital trends in popular portals such as Naver Blog and Naver Café. It is difficult to enter the SEO market in Korea unless you are familiar with Naver – dubbed as ‘the Google of South Korea’.

It is no secret that South Korea ranks top for smartphone ownership globally. Brands targeting Korean audience, invest heavily in mobile ad spend. What does this mean for your brand? Where should you allocate your advertising dollars to get the best ROI for your products? Scale your digital marketing and brand building strategy to meet with local demands. An extra focus on efficiency and quality, goes a long way.

We assess your target audience purchasing behaviour based on demographic, lifestyle and variables such as brand advocacy, loyalty and usage preferences. We create opportunities to grow your online presence using the most appropriate digital marketing channels to suit your business needs.

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Digital Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Naver Blog

It is an important part of the Naver search engine. It has succeeded in becoming one of the most successful digital platforms to share and access information among the locals.  Brands can learn the Korean perspective by understanding their opinions and experiences.

Naver Café

Its an open social community that unites people of same interest. Related café contents are displayed on the SERP. Readers can go to their favorite contents faster than ever through Café and message boards that are added on their favorites list.

Naver KnowledgeiN

Similar to Yahoo Answers / Quora, brands can potray themselves as a market leader by answering the questions posted on KnowledgeiN.
Related Q&A titles are displayed on Naver SERP. Brands can also take the opportunity to display text ads related with the keywords of the Q&A page.

Power Link Search Ads

It appears at the very top of a search result page. It is a standard pay-per-click (PPC) text advertisement, which contains a title, a description, a display URL – and more options depending on the placement of the ad. 

Click Choice Plus Search Ads

Advertisers can expect maximized and high-quality clicks through Click Choice shown on both Naver SERP and Naver partner networks simultaneously. It is exclusively available to mobile with a unique user interface optimized for particular business categories. 

Power Content Search Ads

It endorses original Korean content (blogs, Naver Post, Naver Café) for a user’s selected search terms. It is a standard pay-per-click (PPC) text advertisement.

Rolling Board Display Ads

It allows advertisers to target their ads according to age, gender and region (inside South Korea) which can be set up for both PC and mobile (if your website is compatible for mobile) depending on the budget of your ad campaign.

Time Board Display Ads

It allows advertisers to have their ads placed on Naver’s front page, exclusively, for an hour, which can be set up for both PC and mobile (if your website is compatible for mobile) depending on the budget of your ad campaign.

Shopping Search Ad

Maximize brand potential and profits by promoting your products to a diverse audience. This ad category displays current products on the Naver Shopping platform.  It will rely on Naver to automatically position the ad depending on the information of the product registered on Naver Shopping and several other factors, such as search intent and buying patterns.

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