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We provide digital marketing coaching & training for companies seeking to leverage on the power Digital Marketing. Schedule a non-obligatory session with us, to find out more.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin  


At 90 Degrees Asia, we believe in the value of lifelong learning. Our economic landscape is evolving more rapidly than in the past. To navigate these shifts, we require continual learning and growth. Often, the problem isn’t a lack of jobs. It’s the lack of people with the right skill sets and knowledge to fill the jobs.

We provide corporate training and personalized coaching, to help you thrive in this new era.

Digital Marketing Coaching

We partner up with businesses to co-curate a digital marketing strategy that works. Understanding its target audience goes beyond identifying segments to formulate digital strategies led by the customer journey, to send the right message at the right moment.

We guide businesses on how to analyse patterns and conduct A/B testing, further optimizing to reach their digital marketing goals – eliminating guesswork and supporting decisions with data. 

Together with ROI in mind, we set a clear objectives and advise our clients on the right metrics to ascertain performance. Constant measurement allows benchmarking of performance, enabling optimisation and iteration of strategy to achieve your marketing goals.

Need to Train Your Whole Team?

Your team is unique, and the training we provide is designed to meet your needs. We create customised in-company training solutions to address your specific challenges and opportunities. Our in-house training will deliver immediate solutions to your team or business. We provide corporate training to marketers, senior managers and business owners who want to understand the impact of digital marketing on their businesses.

Modules include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy – Understand, plan & execute ideas into a purposeful marketing strategy.
  • Content Marketing – Concept of content marketing & key to developing great content.
  • Social Media Marketing – Creating engaging content & various advertising  methods.
  • E-mail Marketing – Best practices of email campaigns for various stages of customer lifecycle.
  • Search & Display Advertising (SEM) – Exploring Google Ads and its campaign tactics.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Leveraging the search engines for website optimization.
  • Google Analytics – The basic of understanding your website traffic and reading key metrics for digital ROI.

Our Happy Clients

Say About Us


Having Rozita as my lecturer and mentor in major modules of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course I took at Lithan Academy was a big blessing.

Compared with my experience from a previous mentor, there was a big difference in my learning journey with Rozita. I think I could have learned a lot more and appreciated the domain earlier if my classes started with her.

Rozita is very knowledgeable and experienced with the modules/courses given to her to teach. Add to that her enthusiasm and great desire and goal to part whatever knowledge and experience were needed by the course and much more. I was always looking forward in attending her classes for I knew that a lot would be added to my know-how about digital marketing.

She made me appreciate digital marketing and what it can offer considering that this is not my main functional domain. Rozita is very patient in teaching and sharing tips based on her vast work experience working with major companies. She was always excited and enthusiastic to share everything she knows and a lot more. She does not leave any query unanswered and made learning fun.

She was not only a mentor but a great motivator to try and do well despite struggles and difficulties in understanding the concepts at first.

I highly recommend Rozita if you are seeking and looking into exploring the digital marketing space. It will surely be worth the investment.

Gina Catalico


Truly fortunate to be under the mentorship of Rozita during my digital marketing course at Lithan.
I had zero knowledge in digital marketing and Rozita was extremely patient with me. I love her enthusiasm, and her passion to teach was evident in every lesson.

She ensured we understood the modules taught so that we can apply to our assignments. She also made the effort to check-in with the class constantly to see if we are on track. I enjoyed our discussions during mentoring sessions and always wished there was more time to dig into her wealth of experience.

With her guidance, I now have the digital marketing skills needed to grow and develop myself professionally.

If you are a newbie like me, Rozita is someone who will guide you to take your first step into the digital space.

Joei Ong

Laura Ashley (Asia) Pte Ltd

Professional and dedicated trainer with a passion that is rarely seen – thoughts are well-articulated and definitely a meaningful and useful learning journey during her mentorship. One of the best trainers in Singapore!

Kelvin Chua

Dakota Ventures (DKT)

I am so glad to have Rozita as my mentor during my course for Diploma in Digital Marketing. Her professionalism and dedication imparting her knowledge are commendable. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing.

Rebecca Ng

Business Connectivity

I was blessed to have Rozita as a mentor during my course for Digital marketing. She brought her knowledge of the digital marketing sphere to bear on her mentorship & proved her in-depth understanding and provided practical advise to her mentorship. Rozita was easily the best mentor we had during the course, she listened with intent & provided valuable feedback to various business models. I would undoubtedly recommend Rozita in her capacity as coach, digital marketeer & mentor.

Eugene Magnus

NTT Communications Singapore

Dedicated, professional, respected – this is how I would describe Rozita. I had the privilege of having her as my mentor during a digital marketing course at Lithan Academy. She dedicated her time and effort in ensuring all her students (yes ALL!) understand the concepts and practical aspects of the course. Anyone who needs more help, she is always ready with additional sessions at her own time. That is dedication to the max.

Rozita demonstrated her deep experience and expertise in digital marketing during mentoring. It was truly insightful. The learning journey was impactful yet fun due to the kind of person she is. Of the numerous mentors I had during my course, Rozita stands out as the best. If you are a student, you will be lucky to have her as your mentor. If you are thinking of engaging a marketing agency, look for Rozita. You will be well taken care of.

Jennifer Ng

Sakae Fintech

Rozita is your typical confiding friend styled unconventional Digital Marketing mentor who loves to teach, share and impart knowledge with her mentees/ associates/ contacts. One of the few who truly lives by the love of teaching and passion of sharing the how about on digital marketing. And one who knows the distinction of teaching/ training and mentoring, coaching.

She has shared a number of times her love of mentoring supersedes training. This is the reason why she takes time off to mentor locally and regionally.

Just as fellow classmates Jennifer and Eugene nail it right at the core, you can be assured that you are in safe hands and you will definitely be well-taken care for in your learning needs should you come under her mentorship. She regularly checks in with her mentees both collectively and individually to see how she may help us overcome our challenges with our understanding of the topics, subjects, assignments, etc.

For e.g., she checks in with the class at her mentoring sessions to assess the class for the gaps and also individually each gap specifically for the need of subject matter clarification, projects’ status, campaign know-how and its dos and don’ts of running campaigns. Even if its project deadline, she is still heated chasing after you as she puts her reputation on the line just as a loving mother tends to the needs of her young nurturing their hunger for knowledge while still skillfully and tactfully works at imparting her skills for the real world as many mothers take exam when it is actually her children preparing for the exams.

Believe she too ascribes to the beliefs you learn best by examples/case studies/ project challenges, she offers her readily support at the first availability apart from her duties of a mother, wife and entrepreneurship. She actually also did some facilitation of our growth giving us opportunities to share how we came to certain steps for e.g. while at Google Analytics Dashboard reports setting up. She has even taken the extra mile by conducting extra classes with specific case studies/ issues faced by the class with a number of off-sites compound conducting classes over dinner (Sushis, Satays, etc). I remembered there were this 2.5 additional more in-depth Google case study classes which arise from fellow classmates’ (Christopher, Jennifer, Kevin, etc) questions.

Rozita celebrates with you, the class, effectively for every milestone/ hurdles crossed. You get more than just a mentor but also a caring sisterly friend who knows what’s best for you and what’s work for YOU. Thank you.

Tan Peng Leong


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