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Breaking into the Japanese market

Is Japan still a relevant market to break into? The answer is a resounding yes! It is the third largest market in the world with a population of over 125 million, representing about 10% of the world’s economy. Plus, it has one of the most sophisticated and mature markets for mobile users, with a 94% penetration rate.

Japan is a world leader in innovation! Japan, in fact, sparked the mobile revolution with Docomo’s I-mode in 1999, and the rest, as they say, is history. While the Japanese are forward-thinking when it comes to technology and innovation, business and marketing still stick to old-school methods – by building relationships. You also have to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers. It may seem daunting, but with the right research, planning, and partners on your side, there’s never been a better time to invest in Japan.

Japanese are known for their love of quality and innovation; they are picky about the products and services they buy. Marketing to Japanese consumers means creating eye-catching content that highlights your brand’s quality and value.

The changes in privacy rules regarding digital data last year also caused unexpected changes in the digital marketing landscape, which surprised many businesses. Now that third-party data is less readily available, more businesses and marketers are using first-party data. Now businesses need their own customer data in order to make informed marketing decisions, especially on paid social.

In order to ensure continued growth and minimise risk, you need a multichannel marketing strategy that combines SEO, content marketing, and influencer marketing.

Whether you’re trying to build a brand in Japan or boost sales, we can help. We can tailor a multi-channel strategy to fit your marketing objectives for Japan. Our digital marketing services have helped many of our clients grow their businesses.

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LINE is Japan’s top messaging and social media app in Japan. It has over 86 million monthly users. LINE Ads allows you to boost brand awareness and acquire new customers through targeted ads in its app. As compared to its competitors, LINE offers more integrated features, such as news, timeline, manga, and wallet (online banking). These features have contributed to LINE's dominance in Japan, making the platform a powerful marketing tool for companies looking to expand into Japan.


Another powerful domestic marketing tool for businesses to consider is Yahoo Japan. With over 79 billion page views per month, Yahoo Japan is undoubtedly Japan’s largest web portal that allows advertisers to reach a wide audience in Japan with pay-per-click (PPC) search and display ads.


In Japan, Google Ads is the preferred choice for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising since it is the most popular search engine platform. Unlike Facebook Ads, Google Ads is built around Google services such as GMail, Google Search and Youtube, which offer advertisers a variety of advertising formats that are integrated into Google's digital ecosystem.

The use of Google Ads can improve digital marketing results as part of an overall strategy.


The use of content marketing is an effective way to get your brand out of obscurity in Japan, especially in overcrowded verticals. Usually done in the form of articles or blog posts, content marketing allows brands to communicate relevant and qualitative information about their products or brands to their targeted audiences and helps them build trust and relationship with them. When used in conjunction with impressive SEO copywriting, it helps the content rank highly in search engines when users conduct a specific search query.


In markets such as Japan, where mainstream media outlets like NHK News and Nikkei continue to play a major role in breaking news updates, marketers should consider distributing press releases as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. Press releases about your business updates, innovation, or events in Japan can help your company stand out.